The Geneva Communicators Network is a platform to exchange views, news and information for communication professionals working in the Geneva region, Switzerland. There are many other networks and associations in this region for specialised fields of communications – here is our selection of the best:

Geneva web group: a community of professionals working in the Information Management field with a focus on internet. If you are working in online communications in any way, this is an excellent group to join – they hold very good events (all in English) and have an active email discussion group. More information>>

CSR Geneva: is a social network for Geneva-based people interested in corporate responsibility, accountability, sustainability, social enterprise, & responsible finance. CSR Geneva holds regular breakfast meetings and conferences on CSR issues (in English). More information>>

Mobile Monday Switzerland: a community of mobile industry professionals, developers and influencers. Mobile Monday’s main activities are the community’s face-to-face gatherings on every first Monday of the month and virtual networking on Mobile Monday websites. Meetings are often held in Lausanne or Zurich. More information>>

La Société Romande de Relations Publiques (SRRP): this is the French-speaking section of the Swiss PR Association. The SRRP has over 200 members from the PR field throughout the French-speaking region of Switzerland. More information>>

Rezonance: over 20,000 people in Switzerland are members of this network that holds many interesting “first tuesday” evenings and training courses – often on communication themes and occassionally in English…More information>>

Organization of Women in International Trade : a non-profit networking association which attracts women (and men) from the international community in Geneva. All events are in English and often focus on marketing and communication themes. More information>>

Toastmasters International: More of a club than a network, but a useful resource for communicators and those wishing to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. More information >>