Workshop 3 – Effective writing for communicators

1. Overview:  

Communicating effectively is getting harder. In most office environments, people are overloaded with messages and are increasingly time-poor.
This course has been designed for those that need to communicate regularly and get results, but who may not have had formal writing training previously.
It will look at what effective communication looks like today and and show you how you can write memorable messages that your audience will want to read.

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2. Benefits of attending:

The overall objective of this interactive workshop is to provide you with the understanding, tools and inspiration you need to:
•    Write clear messages that your audience will want to read
•    Produce documents that always deliver the desired results, and
•    Continue learning and improving beyond this course.

3. Course outline:
•    The Communication Challenge
Understanding the barriers to good communication. Armed with this information, your messages need never go unread or misunderstood.

•    The Golden Rules of successful writing
All the best messages are built on an understanding of what works. Whether reviewing these core elements for the first time or refreshing your knowledge, these classic principles are the key to successful writing.

•    Putting it together
Building messages that command the attention of your audience. This session will take a close look at the steps involved in building memorable messages, from planning though to first draft.

•    Editing for impact
Done well, editing can take your document from rough draft to masterpiece. By making sure that the final product is as clear, relevant and meaningful as possible you will give your message the best chance of success.

•    Adapting your message to your channel
When it comes to successful writing, one size does not fit all. To work best, messages must be tailored to suit your selected delivery channel/s. Messages for Internets and Intranets, News publications, Memos, Reports and Presentations all have different   success criteria.

•    Standing out from the crowd
Adding the ‘X-Factor’ to your final message. Hints and tips that will elevate your final message and make it even more visible and memorable.

Register now – 13 June 2014 workshop>>

4. About the trainer:

Melitta Campbell has worked in Marketing and Corporate Communications within International Businesses for 13 years. Today, she is an independent consultant helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop strong internal communications strategies and corporate messages that are delivered in clear and compelling English. She has a degree in Design Management and a CIM postgraduate diploma in Marketing and Communication.