Below is information on our last course day of September 2013.

Workshop 1: Social media for communicators  

This workshop focuses on the basics of social media. It is for those communications professionals who have hesitated about stepping into the digital world either due to lack of time or understanding or concerns about issues such as privacy and control. This workshop will aim to help communicators gain a better understanding of the basic concepts in social media, how to effectively manage and apply the different platforms in their environment. It is suitable for those who have not yet established a profile on any network or those who have dabbled in social networking but don’t feel comfortable with or in control of their digital footprint (both professionally and personally).

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Workshop 2: Creating video for communicators

This is a practical and interactive workshop for communications professionals who want to know when and how to best exploit the numerous and growing opportunities video offers in conveying your stories to your target audiences, while avoiding costly mistakes. If you’re using video now or in the future, this workshop will inform and train you in the core areas required to produce visually compelling video. This workshop integrates storytelling through images and technical know-how explaining all the production steps from the idea to the final video.

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Workshop 3: Web writing for communicators
Writing for the web is different. People who visit and use your website or Intranet have different needs and expectations to those who read your messages through other channels. In this workshop you will discover how to write great content that meets these needs and keeps your visitors coming back.

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