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Thanks to all the participants who attended our lunchtime seminar on December 11th. Melitta’s presentation on “Writing for the Web” was very appreciated and provided some very good guidelines to keep in mind when designing a website.

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This will be our last event for this year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their ongoing support and positive feedback. We wish you all a happy holiday and a great start to the new year.

2016 will be our 10 year anniversary. We are working on a new website as well as more exciting events and workshops.

Best wishes,

Glenn, Patricia, and Melitta





The Geneva Welcome Center (CAGI) is organising a multicultural day at la Pastorale in Geneva on 6 September 2014.

Between 3pm and midnight, visitors can discover activities prepared by about sixty local and international associations. The objective of this event is to connect NGOs and the Geneva public.

The event will feature interactive activities, photo exhibitions, short cultural documentary films, and world music including a DJ who will liven up the evening with reggaeton rhythms.

Participants will be able to learn how an old mobile phone can be recycled, what it is like to be a plaintiff at the European Court of Human Rights, or to tape and bandage up a wound. They will also be able to taste a margarita, the popular cocktail made with Tequila, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its designation of origin label.

For further information and a detailed program, visit the CAGI website>>


The Geneva Communicators Network is pleased to announce its second workshop day to help communicators in the Geneva region brush up on specific communication skills. All members receive a 20% discount on the entry price. Three one-day workshops will be run simultaneously including a networking lunch. Each workshop will include a combination of theory and practice to help communicators improve their specific skills. The groups will be small (maximum 15) to allow instructors to address the specific needs of participants.

Workshop day – Friday 23 November 2012 in Geneva – featuring all three workshops
Cost: 420 CHF for GCN members, 550 CHF for non-members
Date: Friday 23 November 2012
Time: 09h30 – 16h30
Location: International University in Geneva, ICC 20, Rte de Pré-Bois – 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland

Workshop 1: Crisis management for communicators
In today’s digital age, crisis management has become more immediate and complex than ever before. Corporate crises rarely remain rooted in one country and through the increasing use of social media, companies see themselves confronted with a whole new set of risks. This calls for new methodologies and a fresh approach. Communication plays a key role in successful crisis management.
More information >>
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Workshop 2: Improving presentation skills for communicators
Communication implies a two way process, whether it is one to one or within a group. Do you know how effective you are as a communicator? Are your presentations effective? Are your messages reaching the right people in the best way? How are you perceived as a communicator? This workshop will help you answer those questions and help to perfect your capacity as an effective communicator. Participants will be filmed throughout the workshop in order to maximize the experience with ongoing feedback from the trainers. Seeing yourself on video provides an additional value both during and after the workshop.
More information >>
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Workshop 3: Web writing for communicators
Writing for the web is different. People who visit and use your website or Intranet have different needs and expectations to those who read your messages through other channels. In this workshop you will discover how to write great content that meets these needs and keeps your visitors coming back.
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The world 2.0 is ever growing and little by little many companies are starting to use their tools and principles to manage their internal communications. A new book written by Alejandro Formanchuk in Argentina shares ideas and experiences about these issues. It is titled “Internal Communication 2.0: A Cultural Challenge”. This is a first version and Alejandro is looking for constructive feedback from fellow communicators.

If you are interested, you can download a free version here .

Alejandro Formanchuk is the President of the Argentinean Association of Internal Communication. He is the CEO of Formanchuk & Asociados, a communication consulting company. He teaches at the UBA and taught in more than 20 universities in the region and is an international speaker and has given conferences in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Alejandro has a Bachelor in Social Communication with an Honors Diploma granted by the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

The Global Alliance announces the launch of an international survey of PR professionals. The survey’s goal is to hear from PR professional associations and individual practitioners around the world on the key issues that will affect practitioners, associations and the profession in the next five years. The results will inform the development of the Global Alliance’s new strategic plan for 2009-2014. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and the results will be presented at the Global Alliance’s annual general meeting on June 6, 2009, in Vancouver, Canada.

To complete the survey click here>>

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management is the umbrella organization linking PR professional associations around the world. By partnering with associations in more than 70 countries, the Alliance works to increase professionalism in public relations and enhance the global influence of the profession. The Alliance’s activities focus on setting standards, sharing resources, advocacy for the profession and outreach to help national associations grow.

The Geneva Communicators Network is a platform to exchange views, news and information for communication professionals working in the Geneva region, Switzerland. Currently the network has over 1000 members including professionals from the PR, communications, media and marketing fields, more info>>

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