The Geneva Welcome Center (CAGI) is organising a multicultural day at la Pastorale in Geneva on 6 September 2014.

Between 3pm and midnight, visitors can discover activities prepared by about sixty local and international associations. The objective of this event is to connect NGOs and the Geneva public.

The event will feature interactive activities, photo exhibitions, short cultural documentary films, and world music including a DJ who will liven up the evening with reggaeton rhythms.

Participants will be able to learn how an old mobile phone can be recycled, what it is like to be a plaintiff at the European Court of Human Rights, or to tape and bandage up a wound. They will also be able to taste a margarita, the popular cocktail made with Tequila, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its designation of origin label.

For further information and a detailed program, visit the CAGI website>>