We are pleased to announce that there are five places available for members free-of-charge to follow a three day masters-level course on communication research and planning scheduled in Geneva for May 2014.

The course is offered by the International University in Geneva and is part of its Masters in Media and Communications. The course will be taught be Dr Jon White, a renown author and consultant in this field. Those who complete the course can consider using the credits towards completing a masters, if all conditions are fulfilled.

Dates: Thursday – Saturday; 1-3 May 2014; 09h30-17h00

Cost: Free of charge: participants will have to cover lunches, transport and cost of text book (optional)

Registration: email the University Registrar to register: registrar@iun.ch – but be quick, only five places are available!

Location: the course will be held at the International University in Geneva – ICC 20, Rte de Pré-Bois – 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland

Further information on the course: Participants are introduced to an analysis of public relations theory and practice and guided on the planning and evaluation of public relations and communication programs. During the course, participants develop an academic and practical insight into best practices in corporate and marketing communication. Topics covered include: Defining evaluation, Points of evaluation in the communication process, Gathering information – basic research methods, Basic media evaluation techniques, Evaluation structures and processes, Online PR measurement, Measuring relationships, Getting budget for research.

Further information on the lecturer: Dr. White is a consultant in management and organisation development, public affairs, public relations and corporate communications management and has worked in public and private sector organisations in Europe, the United States, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. He has been involved in the development of university communication programs in Canada, UK and Switzerland. Dr. White has written articles and books on corporate communications practice, including “How to Understand and Manage Public Relations”, “Strategic Communications Management: Making Public Relations Work” and contributed to the “Excellence in Public Relations and Communications Management” series led by Professor James Grunig. A chartered psychologist, Dr White holds a doctorate in psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science.