Thanks to the 50+ communicators who attended our lunchtime seminar last Friday on Storytelling: tool or trend? by Kami Lamakan, from The Loop Agency.

Kami opened by talking about the power of stories; how they can explain why we do what we do, give people purpose, make sense of complexity and bring strategy to life.

He went on to explain how stories can bridge the gap between the communications function and the general communications taking place across the organization.

Perhaps most powerfully, he demonstrated the role of storytelling by including several of his own within his presentation and showing us a stunning example storytelling in practice through a video kindly shared with permission from one of his clients.

Some photos of the event are also available on our Flickr stream, accessible on the right side bar of this page.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and another lunch event before the summer break.

Patricia, Melitta, and Glenn