Geneva Roundtable: Sustainable business models – how companies address sustainability challenges

Presented by the International University in Geneva and theOrganization of Women in International Trade – Lake Geneva.

18 April 2013,  18:30 – 21:30, Geneva Press Club, Route de Ferney 106, La Pastorale, 1202 Geneva

Sustainability and sustainable development are the buzz words these days, talked and written about everywhere and every day. But what do these words mean in a business context?

Join our panel discussion to learn how a service, a luxury and a consumer good business address questions such as:

How do sustainable business models look like in real life, in real companies?
How does one build a sustainable business model?
Why do companies embrace sustainability? What are the potentials? The deficits?
What does it take to get there?
How to make such business model tangible and measurable?
What happens when sustainability criteria affect the bottom line? Are such decisions difficult and if yes, how do the invited companies make them?

The panel:

Opening remarks: Dr Claude Martin, Chancellor, International University in Geneva and former Secretary-General of WWF International

Martin Rohner, General Manager, Alternative Bank Switzerland (ABS)

Giselle Rufer, Founder, President & CEO Delance

Moderator, Dr Ioanna Liouka Professor, International Business, International University in Geneva

Entry fee (including networking cocktail): 30 / 40 / 65 CHF

Registration details: