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The 6th Leadership & Communication Conference with Bournemouth University Media School, UIK

21 September 2012

Every year the UK Speechwriters’ Guild together with the European Speechwriter Network hosts a conference at Bournemouth University to bring together the top communicators from across Europe.

In 2012, we have invited speakers to address the topic, do speeches still matter?

How often do eyes glaze over at the prospect of listening to another PowerPoint presentation?

We need to explore better ways to persuade and lead those around us.

Speeches remain an efficient way to get a message across. Leadership is about influence, not information.

When many forms of communication compete for attention, how do we persuade leaders to use the rawest and most powerful ones?

What the two-day conference is all about:

The UK Speechwriters’ Guild has pioneered a format where we listen to top speechwriters talk about their work.          We learn what techniques they use, how they craft stories, how they build relationships with their speakers and organisations.

This year, have the option of attending an intensive ‘Nuts & Bolts of Speechwriting’ seminar on Thursday 20 September from 2 – 5pm.

We’ll be hosting a quiz night on the eve of the conference, where you’ll be able to socialise with other speechwriters. You will be among like-minded communicators who bring expertise from many different backgrounds.

Who should attend?

Previous conferences have attracted speechwriters from the European Commission, the CBI, Orange, Deloitte, the United Nations, the European Investment Bank, Coca Cola as well as the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.

This conference is for anyone wanting to improve their ability to write and deliver speeches. It’s also for people wishing to improve their company’s ability to communicate ideas and engage staff in developing new behaviours. We offer a limited number of spaces to students and recent graduates seeking to pursue a career in speechwriting.

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