Back in May 2011, three-and-a-half-year-old Lily Robinson wrote a letter to UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, asking why its Tiger Bread was called that when it actually looks much more like a Giraffe.

The supermarket took the time to write back to Lily with a very personal response to her request, prompting her mother to post both letters on her blog. Through the power of social networking, Lily’s story went viral – even reaching my Facebook feed last week. In response, to the feedback Sainsbury’s has received following this, the supermarket has today announced that it’s actually changing the name of its bread to giraffe!

This story not only shows the power of social networks, but also the difference that the human touch can make. If Chris King, the customer service advisor that wrote the note, had not taken a few extra minutes to put together such a thoughtful and personal message, then this story would never have happened. The fact that the mother posted it on her blog shows just how rare these small details are in today’s communications.

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