An interesting workshop proposed by a GCN member:

Essential VoiceWork – Full Day Immersion Workshop for women

Do you sometimes find it hard to make yourself hear and understood?
Have you ever felt that your voice does not represent you the way you want to be perceived?
Do people tell you that your voice is monotone, annoying or not assertive enough?

Essential VoiceWork has been designed for women wishing to develop a dynamic speaking voice to enhance their professional and personal impact. You will get individual voice coaching and at the same time learn from others in a small and supportive group of maximum 6 women.

This full day immersion will provide you with insights, tools and exercises to help you:

• Develop more vocal power with less effort through healthy speaking habits.
• Bring your voice to life using body alignment and profound breathing.
• Project a vibrant and rich sound by optimal use of your built-in amplifiers.
• Inject more energy into your voice by focusing on flow and direction.
• Speak with clarity and assertiveness by committing to words and sounds.

We will start the day by analyzing your voice and your speaking style. Based on your own perception and the feedback that you receive, we will agree on a few key areas to focus your voice work on. You will proceed to open up the different resonators in your body and discover how they colour your voice.

You will explore your vocal range in order to have more tools for expressing your thoughts and emotions. By means of various exercises, you will learn how to inject more energy into your voice, and to be more present in your communication. You will practice techniques for a clear, dynamic and assertive speaking style.

Price: CHF 345, incl. refreshments, workbook and website access.
Saturday January 14, 2012, at 10:00-16:00
Place: Dare to Glow Center
21bis, rue de la Navigation, Genève
Group size: Max 6 women.