An interesting workshop offered by a GCN member:

Your Powerful Voice – Discovery Workshop

Have you ever wanted to change anything in the way you sound? Or are you simply curious to learn more about your voice and how to use it to its full capacity?

This Discovery Workshop has been designed for individuals who want to get an idea of how to work their voice to make themselves heard, understood and believed.

In this energizing workshop you will:

– Understand how your voice works and what it is capable of.
– Identify unhelpful speaking habits – and learn what to do instead.
– Learn to align your body for air, energy and sound to flow freely.
– Reconnect with natural, profound breathing for a more dynamic voice.
– Practice techniques for clear and assertive speech.

With a focus on the physiological and acoustic aspects of the voice, you will be guided through exercises aiming at finding the posture, breathing technique and resonance that will help you project a loud and vibrant voice.

You will also learn how to speak with more clarity and assertiveness through diction and intonation.

CHF 135, incl. refreshments and workbook
Date: 29 November
Place: Dare to Glow Center
21bis, rue de la Navigation
Group size: Max 12 people.

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