A recent global survey by Australia’s 1080 Group that asked close to 1,200 professionals key questions about how they use video conferencing, has given some surprising insights. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Productivity is the top reason for using Video Conferencing, with money saving coming second.
  • Value depends on your own communication or organisation needs, with Europeans valuing the ability to communicate more regularly with peers, while industries such as Financial Services value it as a ‘green’ alternative to physical travel.
  • Cultural issues are the biggest barrier to video conferencing usage, with an “Inability or unwillingness to use new technology” and “entrenchment of the current way we do things” taking the top two spots by a wide margin.
  • The need for good examples to learn from. A number of insights pointed to the experiential nature of meeting and collaborating virtually. Sadly, some people disparage the communication medium because they see others using it unsuccessfully. The main gripe was presenters that “have distracting mannerisms or gestures.”
  • It’s growing fast! Despite the issues respondents predicted that video conferencing will grow by 211% in 2012!
To read more about the lessons learned from the survey, follow the below link to download the resulting white Paper, which includes a useful checklist.