Lunchtime seminar – Ethics and PR: the role of values in a changing world
  With the explosion of information, the competition for attention has never been greater. Companies and organisations are under pressure     to vaunt their successes and can be tempted to oversell and distort the truth. In this presentation, Jonathan Leighton will discuss the critical role today of values and codes of conduct in PR and communications.
  Date: Friday 14 October 2011
  Time: 12h30 to 14h00
  Location*: The Swiss Press Club, Route de Ferney 106, La Pastorale, 1202 Geneva.
  Fee: CHF 15.- per person includes drinks and snacks – payable at the door.
Jonathan Leighton is a writer and independent communications consultant. Trained as a molecular biologist, Jonathan worked several years in the fragrance industry in various research and management functions. He has worked for a wide variety of clients and carried out European media relations for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Jonathan recently published his first book, The Battle for Compassion: Ethics in an Apathetic Universe, a philosophical exploration of the basis of ethics and strategies for effective impact.
Places are limited due to the venue size, so please register early for the event.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Glenn, Patricia, Vincent, Melitta
*Location sponsored by the International University in Geneva.