A new ebook titled ‘The Uncommon Sense of Internal Communication’, created by Russell-Oliver Brooklands, the IC professional behind the Internal Communication Model, is now available for download and sets out to answer some of the many paradoxical questions surrounding Internal Communication.

When introducing the book Brooklands said, “Originally drafted under the working title: “Why everybody’s rubbish and it’s no one’s fault”, the book compassionately challenges a number of widespread unconscious assumptions, and shines a light on various cultural blindspots. In the process, it helps make sense of why so many people, even at the top of organisations, seem to struggle with IC. And it provides practical steps that can be taken to help them think about it in new ways – so IC professionals can start making a bigger difference.”

‘The Uncommon Sense of Internal Communication’ is currently available to download free of charge from www.internalcommunicationmodel.com, with a number of versions available depending on your global location and IC view point.

Happy reading!