Many thanks to the 40+ participants who attended Monday evening’s CSR Geneva and Geneva Communicators Network event on: Human Rights Reporting: Is it your Business? held on the first floor of the Restaurant La Broche . The event focused on how companies can  improve their understanding and why they should publicly disclose policies and practices relating to human rights. What are the implications for what and how companies communicate with their stakeholders?

Many thanks also to the moderator: Dr. Guido Palazzo, Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Lausanne and the speakers: Dr. Liz Umlas, independent researcher specializing in human rights, Ron  Popper, Head of Corporate Responsibility at ABB, and a special thanks for the last minute participation of Claude Voillat from the ICRC.

View the photos of the event on the left hand column of this page or on our Flickr page.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event, the Lac Leman Communications Forum on 6 May.

Patricia, Melitta, Glenn, and Vincent