For your information a new research has been published on the quality of Swiss companies’ Wikipedia pages. The research finds that Swiss companies are lagging in an international perspective and should do more to engage with users to improve the quality of the pages.
Credit Suisse, Syngenta, Nestlé have top Wikipedia page among Swiss companies.

The research found Credit Suisse’s Wikipedia page the most complete and easily consultable among Switzerland’s 48 largest listed companies. Syngenta, Nestlé and Zurich Financial follow close behind. The Lundquist study also found that Swiss companies underperform compared with the world’s biggest corporations. To improve their online presence they must engage with Wikipedia, not back away as is often assumed.

Credit Suisse has the most complete and easily consultable Wikipedia page among companies in the SMI Expanded Index, according to research released today by Italian consultancy Lundquist. The survey considered information that ran the gamut from number of employees and location of headquarters to corporate governance, branding and financial data.
Top 10 Swiss Wikipedia Pages
(maximum = 25 points)
1. Credit Suisse ————- 14 pts
2. Syngenta —————— 13.75
3. Nestlé ———————- 13.5
3. Zurich Financial  ———13.5
5. Logitech ——————-13.25
6. UBS ————————-13
6. Lindt ————————13
6. ABB ————————-13
9. Novartis ——————–12
9. Swiss Re——————-12
Top Wikipedia Pages – Fortune Global 500
(maximum = 25 points)
1. Apple (USA) —————- 22 pts
2. BT (UK) ———————- 21.5
3. Nokia (FIN) —————–  21
3. Royal Dutch Shell (NTL)– 21
5. Ford Motor (USA) ———-20.5
5. Toyota Motor (JAP) ——- 20.5
140. Credit Suisse (SWI) —-14

For further infomraiton, you can check the Lundquist Srl website.