For those who are interested in social media, there is an interesting conference in Paris on 22-23  March 2010. Marketing 2.0 (M2C) will bring together experts and specialists to discuss the future of marketing, (social) media, and advertising, as well as new technology.

The main goal of the M2C is to exchange ideas and learn how to handle the dramatic changes in media, marketing, and consumer behavior in your day-to-day business using the latest knowledge, best practice, and trends. We try to gain insights from the bigger picture instead of focusing on only one discipline, such as technology, marketing, or media. Furthermore, we recognize that all areas are becoming ever more connected and also recognize the need for better understanding across all departments today.

If you click on the icon on the Comminsight blog and add the code: PGM2C2 you can benefit from a slight  discount.

See you in Paris!