Following is some more information on the theme of our next lunchtime seminar:

 Suddenly management and decision-makers are obliged to keep those existing ‘daily business’ balls moving fluidly, while adding one- or several- chainsaws into their juggling act. The chainsaw(s) can be accidents, scandals, product defects, environmental disaster, health hazards or any other situation that poses a threat to operations and reputation. The real question: are you prepared to juggle a chainsaw or two? We find that while companies can manage to juggle the odd chainsaw, their structures and approaches tend to work in silos- the health and safety officer might deal with the accident, human resources with the scandal, the marketers with the product defect and so on. Can communicators become the bridge-builders within organizations, effectively de-siloing approaches to crisis communication and management? Our hypothesis is that social media can help to level the playing field, where communications can become a ‘centralizing’ platform internally. While it is true that communications has always played an important role in crisis management, since the advent of Web 2.0 the rules of the game have been turned upside-down with the citizen having the power to create content.

Who is now in command? Which are the new target audiences and how do we reach them? By putting communications structurally at the center of the crisis response and intelligently making use of social media, companies and organizations can be better equipped to mitigate the impact of a crisis. Come to this workshop and discuss the social media dimension with Raj and Tony who specialize in creating scenarios which simulate your Worstcase nightmares.

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