The key to effective internal communications that will support and drive positive change is a thorough understanding of your brand and your people. This demands that you uncover the ownable truths about your organisation – the genuine, inspiring and truly representative truths that define and unite your people and brand.

In a recently launched white paper, design, branding and communications consultancy Small Back Room, provide communication practitioners with the tools to do just this.

In this paper, Small Back Room explain how to uncover these ownable truths and used them to build or enhance a brand from the inside out, helping you to generate a platform for clear, direct and effective communications that will drive positive change.

The paper also looks at the relationships between brands, strategy, internal communications and change – and their impact on internal communications and includes a ‘change scenario assessment tool’ so that you can evaluate exactly where your organisation is in the change cycle and then plan your management of change from there.

Small Back Room has made the paper available for download by GCN members >