Intranets have the opportunity to play a front line role in corporate efforts to combat global warming. That is according to the Intranet Benchmarking Forum’s (IBF) latest brieifing paper: ‘The green intranet’.

The document provides organisations with 10 tips for using the intranet to combat climate change and build environmental practices. It draws on real-life examples from organisations including: IBM, Aviva, BT, Highways Agency, Nokia, Yahoo! and Sun Microsystems.

Here are the IBF’s 10 tips in summary: 

  1. Automate administrative processes 
  2. Use web meetings to cut travel 
  3. Convert travellers into online collaborators 
  4. Use the intranet to enable telecommuting 
  5. Enable car pooling 
  6. Make more efficient use of office space to enable reductions in real estate 
  7. Migrate printed documents online 
  8. Engage employees in greening the organisation 
  9. Provide environmental performance data 
  10. Provide visibility of employees’ availability and whereabouts