Half of employees are disappointed by their companies CSR performance according to a new study led by coaching, consulting and training company Krauthammer, the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University of Rotterdam. One explanation for the split could be that some companies just aren’t communicating their CSR activities to staff well enough.

“CSR is needed, especially during an economic crisis,” said Professor Rob van Tulder from Erasmus University.

“The global economic crisis puts the spotlight on CSR in an almost perverse manner. On one hand everybody acknowledges that the causes of the economic crisis lie with a clear lack of CSR. On the other hand, it’s fiercely disputed whether the solution to the crisis entails stepped-up CSR efforts. In the end, the systematic nature of the crisis demands longer-term approaches involving all relevant actors.”

Four findings from the survey

  • Employees are doing it for themselves (PSP) – and are watching. 
  • Corporate performance is divided. Around 50% are operational or exemplary. The other 50% are perceived to be failing. 
  • There are serious gaps between the practice employees seek and experience they get when it comes to: People, Planet and Profit.
  • What employees really want… 
    People – Training, with 96% expecting it systematically, with external trainers
    Planet – 60% of people want their company to practice the belief that “the economy and ecology are one, taking responsibility”
    Profit – 59% want it to practice the credo that “long-term competive advantage depends on the efficient use of resources

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