Only 40% of full-time UK employees feel their company has a clear plan to withstand the recession, according to a new study by Threshold Communications, specialists in communication and behaviour change.

These figures are particularly important to business leaders as the research also shows that a link with productivity and morale. Of those who feel strongly that their company has a clear plan to withstand the recession 82% have considerably more enthusiasm in their day-to-day jobs and 86% feel committed to their organizations long-term success.

The research also stresses the importance of good manager/employee communications, stating that: “People don’t leave companies – they leave managers”. Key in this relationship is the managers ability to listen and respond to staff. 

Other key findings:

  • The extent to which employees beleive their company has a plan to withstand recession, correlates directly with their motivation and long- term commitment.
  • Most employees are not confident that their organization has a plan to withstand recession.
  • Employees are considerably more likely to trust their direct line managers than senior leaders.
  • Only 32% of employees feel that the way in which their line manager communicates with them supports their motivation.
  • Where line managers talk through company plans and aims employees are  significantly more likely to feel motivated and committed.
  • Where line managers genuinely listen and seek input and ideas, employees are significantly more likely to feel motivated and committed.

For more information about the survey and its findings, see the full report >