As communicators, we know that in tough times it is more important than ever to maintain, if not increase, communications with staff and stakeholders to give them confidence in the future of your business and keep them loyal and positive. 

A recent study by The Nielsen Company has given further credence to this approach, as it shows that consumers who have been exposed to ‘more’ advertising and marketing messages have more positive perceptions about the long-term health of their financial institutions; with those stakeholders who have seen ‘less’ messaging having lower levels of confidence in their institutions.

“This research shows that ‘out of sight’ can mean ‘out of business’,” said Richard Khaleel, EVP of Nielsen IAG’s Financial practice. “The current economic climate makes it more important than ever for financial institutions to bolster confidence among their clients and this study clearly demonstrates the link between advertising and confidence levels. With constant scrutiny on the industry it’s clear that taking control of the message in advertising and press can make all the difference for a brand.”

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