SOMESSO Zurich ’08 attendees explore the latest developments and strategic shifts in Corporate Social Media across the globe. The first SOMESSO Conference will be held in the heart of Europe, at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut in Zurich, on Friday October 31.

SOMESSO is a must-attend event for industry leaders, brand managers, sales & marketing experts, new media specialists, internet marketers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other financiers. Ideas will be shared and presented, as well as the latest tools, strategies, and discoveries in the field of Corporate Social Media. You will be a Social Media Expert after attending this Conference!

At SOMESSO you’ll find answers to your questions, such as:

  • How will Social Media change the way we do business?
  • How do I, as a company, make best use of today’s available Social Media tools to stay on top of my business?
  • What Social Media tools should I use in my company and which ones are a waste of time?
  • How do I start building my short-term Corporate Social Media Strategy?
  • How does a Corporate Social Media Strategy impact my employees and external networks?
  • How do I (re)present myself (as an individual / as a company / as a leader – on the Internet?
  • New ballgame – what Code of Conduct to apply when interacting with my customers?
  • The return of niche networks – what’s next? (Individualization, community forming, …)

For further information, visit the Somesso website.