MobileMonday Switzerland Event #2
Mobile payments and banking
When : October 6th, 2008 17:30-19:00
Where: EPFL Campus, 1015 Lausanne (BC440 Cafeteria BC)

Mobile payments and banking is already a mass-market phenomenon in Japan and Korea. When will mobile operators deploy mobile payment and banking to other markets? How do you manage mobile money? You need a value chain of merchants and payers. You need secure transactions. You need universal usability. Many in the industry are still skeptical of mobile money’s promise. They want scale, simplicity and ways to measure success – all of which are underdeveloped right now in mobile platforms. What are the main approaches to success? NFC application to transportation, micro-payment and money transfers, full mobile banking?

These questions will be answered at the Mobile Monday event on 6 October. To register click here.

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