The magazine Communications Director published an interesting issue recently about the relationship between journalism and public relations. Several experts provide insights in to challenges linked to their coexistence, the misperceptions on each side and possible solutions for better collaboration.

In an increasingly globalised environment with rapid technological changes, our roles are shifting. which is a challenge for many. Today, the Internet is a breeding ground for amateur reporting of all levels of news. Journalists are caught between their desire to write quality articles and keep up with the fast pace of online publication while communications professionals struggle to keep an open flow of information between teh various stakeholders in their organisation.

The issue looks at various perspectives from how PR and journalism helped Poland make the shift towards capitalism to the role education plays in influencing the two professions in Spain. It also includes an article by award-winning UK journalist, Nick Davies, who criticises the influence which he claims PR has in today’s media.

It also lists the top 100 crucial PR – related publications selected by top communications experts.

For more information, check the table of contents on their website.