We have over 30 communicators signed up for the visit to CERN in Geneva on Thursday 19 July. Here is some information for those coming along:

13:30 Meet at CERN reception, entrance B33. Directions to the building>> 
13:50 Walk to Globe of Science and Innovation
14:00 Welcome from Communicators Blog organisers
14:05 Introduction to CERN and Cern communication from James Gillies, Head of CERN Communication group
14:30 Walk to ATLAS experiment
15:00 Visit ATLAS with James Gillies, Dominique Bertola and Bernard Pellequer as guides.
16:00 Return to Globe for coffee with members of the CERN Communication group
16:30-17:00 END
There is parking in front of the B33 entrance for those who plan to come by car. Directions to parking >> 

If you are travelling by bus, you can take the number 9. Important Note: Please be sure to take the one that has CERN written on it as not all of them travel all the way to CERN.

For safety reasons, please do not wear open shoes (e.g. sandals) or high heels.

See you!

Patricia & Glenn