Tom Watson is undertaking a study into the priorities for research in public relations and would like input from communicators via his blog.

If you go there, you’ll find a posting title, “What are the priorities for future public relations research”  It asks you to nominate up to 10 topics from a list of 24 (and to add others if you consider there are gaps). The aims of this study, which includes academics, practitioners and the leaders of PR professional and industry bodies around the world, are to:
1.      Identify the gaps between academic research and the industry’s needs

2.      Identify current and new trends in research from theorist and practitioner perspectives.

3.      Map out the best way for knowledge to be exchanged.

4.      Define the research areas for which funding can be sought.

This is the first step of a project to consider ideas on how best to promote knowledge exchange between academics and practitioners. Please do participate!