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IABC members from the Europe/Middle East region took part in EuroBlog 2007, the second pan-European survey conducted by Euprera (European Public Relations Education and Research Organisation) to explore the use of blogs in professional communications.

Eighty-five percent of the respondents are convinced that blogs and social software are changing dramatically the way in which we communicate, while eighty-nine percent agree that blogs and wikis are becoming main-stream communication platforms to the same extent as websites.

Doubts, however, still exist about the monetary impact of social media on the bottom line and companies are finding it difficult to recruit people with new media skills. To quote the survey, they have not yet found an answer to the question: “Where is the beef and who can deliver it to me?”

The results were presented at the International EuroBlog Research Symposium in mid March in Ghent, Belgium.

View the full results here (pdf)>> 

Thanks to the newsletter of IABC Europe/Middle East for this item.