WEForm second life presence

Arvetica, the Geneva business strategy consultants are offering an “Arveticast” (presentation and apero) on the evening of Thursday 1 March  2007 on the subject of “Second Life” – the new internet-based virtual world.

The agenda will be the following:

1. understand Second Life:

  • what is it?
  • who uses it?
  • why is it so popular?

2. explore the Second Life business space:

  • what are big companies doing there?
  • what business opportunities can we imagine?
  • what are the benefits and risks of being there as a company?

3. design a Second Life presence:

  • how do you approach building a SL presence?
  • what are some of the pitfalls

4. implement your Second Life presence:

  • what resources do you need?
  • which process could you use to establish a Second Life presence?

 Learn more about the event and register online here>>>