Last night some 120 people attended the IUN and GWIT roundtable on the “Future of Corporate Communications”.  If you did attend, please complete the short feedback survey. A more detailed report will be posted on this blog in the next days, meanwhile here are some links following some of the points raised:

– there was a lot of discussion about social media: here is an interesting guide (pdf) that explains all the terms (wiki, blog, podcast, social bookmarking, etc) and the relevance for communications / PR.

Second life was discussed a lot (the above image is from this virtual world) – “What is this exactly?” was the question of many participants. This press article explains well how it works.

– and finally in my welcome presentation, I touched on the importance of evaluating communication activities – I had some question after asking my advice on evaluating corporate communications – if you are interested, there is plenty of information on my evaluation blog, intelligent measurement.